We need your support.

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This past January, CCC celebrated the opening of the 10th Neighborhood Choir Program in Austin, Chicago's largest neighborhood!

Your support of the Austin Neighborhood Choir program and Chicago Children's Choir enables us to continue to inspire and change over 4,300 young lives in 10 Neighborhood Choirs,79 Chicago schools, 117 unique choirs, representing all 57 Chicago zip codes.

We ask for your continued commitment to Chicago's young people through a contribution to Chicago Children's Choir. Only through the generosity of loyal supporters like you, can we provide uniforms for students, performance expenses for Community Concerts, tuition assistance for students in financial need, and tour assistance for invaluable cultural exchanges with other like-minded organizations.

Please consider increasing your gift to ensure that every student has the experience of musical education, expression, and excellence.

Contact Madelaine Mooney, Individual Giving Manager (and CCC alumna), with any questions at mmooney@ccchoir.org or 312.849.8300 ext. *11.

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